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CM Yogi summons BJP MP Sangam Lal to Lucknow over Pratapgarh incident, Lalganj CO Jagmohan Yadav suspended

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26th September, 2021 21:20 IST

Pratapgarh: Lalganj CO Jagmohan Yadav (CO Jagmohan Yadav) has been suspended by the government in connection with the attack on BJP MP Sangam Lal Gupta in Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh. In this, he was held guilty of negligence, short-sightedness in government work. At the same time, CM Yogi has taken cognizance in this matter. According to sources, Sangam Lal Gupta has been called to Lucknow. The meeting time has been given after 1 pm. CM Yogi will meet and inquire about the incident with him. At the same time, after this, Deputy CM Keshav Maurya will also meet Sangam Lal.

Let us inform that there was a fight between Congress and BJP supporters in the Garib Kalyan Mela held on Saturday in the auditorium of Sangipur, the development block of the district. At the same time, Pratapgarh MP Sangamlal Gupta has accused Congress supporters of assault. A case has been registered against former Congress MP Pramod Tiwari, his daughter and Congress Legislature Party leader Aradhana Mishra and many others in this case.

According to the police, the police station Kotwali Lalganj, on the basis of Gupta's tahrir in the case of assault between BJP and Congress supporters in the Garib Kalyan fair organized in Sangipur block on Saturday, 27 nominated and 50 unidentified including Congress leader Tiwari and his daughter Aradhana Mishra alias Mona. FIR has been registered against the people.

BJP MP from Pratapgarh, Gupta told on Saturday that as soon as he reached the Garib Kalyan fair organized in Sangipur today, former Congress MP Pramod Tiwari and his supporters started making noise. He alleged that Pramod Tiwari and his supporters ran and beat him and his supporters and broke his car. During the beating, his kurta got torn, and he got hurt.

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