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Dog's terror in Mau, 1 month old child was scavenged and killed

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26th September, 2021 21:20 IST

Mau: A case of terror of a freak dog has come to light from Mau district of Uttar Pradesh. Where the dog made the innocent child its victim and killed the innocent by nagging. After this there is mourning in the family of the child. At the same time, this incident remains a topic of discussion in the entire area.

Please tell that the matter is of Purva village of Dubari Dhus of Madhuban police station area. Where Sunita's wife Santosh had gone out for some work at around 6 in the morning with a 1-month-old innocent child lying on the cot near the door of the house. During this, a dog caught the child in the mouth and took him away and bled him. He had badly scratched his head and body. The injured innocent was taken to the hospital by the villagers where doctors declared him brought dead.

On the other hand, when Sunita came back home, she became restless not finding her child on the cot. She suspected something untoward was going on and started searching for her child in the village like a madman. Seeing Sunita, the villagers went some distance while searching for the child and saw that the dead body of the innocent child was lying in a pool of blood, which was badly scratched by the dog. Seeing this scene, the hearts of the villagers were also shaken. At the same time, the family is in a bad condition.

It is worth noting that a month ago, a son was born in Sunita's house. The child's cry had just begun to resonate in the courtyard of his house. But due to this incident, silence has spread in the entire area including the family.

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