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Change of strategy for grand old party: Stress on speaking Indian National Congress instead of Congress

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ANI News
25th May, 2022 00:09 IST

New Delhi [India], May 25 (ANI): Congress is all set to advise its spokespersons/leaders to address Congress as Indian National Congress during TV debates and press conferences/speeches, said party sources on Tuesday.
"The party wants to give the message through this that Congress is Indian, Congress has Indianness, the party is National Congress which fought for freedom," added the sources.
The party's logic behind this is that BJP and Prime Minister Modi keep questioning the nationalism of the Congress and the Indianness of the Congress leadership. Therefore, it is necessary to reiterate that the Congress party is Indian, beliefs in Indianness are nationalist and the leadership of the Congress is also Indian, stated the sources.
Not only this, in order to join India and Indianness, the Congress party read the party's proposal in Hindi in Udaipur in the past and was issued in Hindi itself, later it was translated into English. This is the first time in the Congress party that resolutions were passed in Hindi and later, they were translated into English. Till now, resolutions were always passed in English and later, their Hindi translation was made available to the media, as per the sources.

Changing the communication strategy, the Congress Party held a meeting of the Task Force constituted for 2024, immediately after the formation of the committee, in which Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi was specially invited and pictures were immediately released to the media so that the common worker of the Congress gets the message about the seriousness.
In Udaipur, the party had passed a resolution to radically change communication in the Nav Sankalp Shivir and all this is being taken in that direction so that the very strong campaign system of the BJP can be put to use in the battle of 2024. Rahul Gandhi always mentioned and publicly believed that the Bharatiya Janata Party's campaign system is much better than Congress' and he needs to learn from the BJP's way of campaigning. (ANI)

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