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Mundka fire: Forensic teams to assist Delhi police in investigation, DNA examination to be conducted to identify bodies

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ANI News
15th May, 2022 00:49 IST

New Delhi [India], May 15 (ANI): A day after a massive fire broke out in a building near Delhi's Mundka metro station which claimed 27 lives, two forensic science teams have reached the site of the fire mishap to assist the Delhi police in the investigation. A DNA examination would be carried out to identify the bodies.
"Our two teams, inclduing senior experts are working at the spot currently. They will identify the objects, and lift samples for the purpose of identification and collection. The experts from FSL will be assisting police in identifying and lifting samples from the spot which will be later handed over to the Investigating Officer," said Deepa Verma, Director, Forensic Science Laboratory in an official statement.
She further said that the charred remains of humans have also been found, so possibly a forensic DNA examination would be carried out to identify the identity of the deceased.
Meanwhile, SK Gupta, head of Crime Scene said that body remains at fire related crime scenes are very difficult to detect, collect and handle.

"Burned exhibits like body tissues at the scene, are often modified to a similar appearance, and bones, in particular, become discoloured, brittle, and highly fragmented," Gupta said.
Rajnish Singh, Assistant Public Relations Officer said that the fire effect is severe on all the floors of the building and the body remains are missed, disturbed, altered, and destroyed.

"It is very challenging for our experts to identify and collect these exhibits at the crime scene, however, detailed inspection of the crime fire site is going on and whatever exhibits we have collected, handed over to Investigating Officer. Since it is a large area, complete examination of scene will take time," he added.
A total of 27 people died and several were injured in the fire incident near Mundka metro station on May 13. A total of 50 people have been rescued so far, according to the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Outer District), Sameer Sharma.
Of the 27 retrieved bodies, only seven have been identified till Saturday afternoon.
Earlier in the day, the Medical Superintendent of Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Hospital, Dr SK Arora, had said that bodies that were burnt in the Mundka fire are being identified. "So far, 7 bodies have been identified," Arora said. (ANI)

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