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Gemini AI rolls out in Google Messages

Washington [US], June 30 (ANI): Google has begun rolling out an exciting update to its Messages app, integrating Gemini AI to enhance functionality and user interaction directly within chats.
This development follows Google's recent announcement and the initial introduction of Gemini AI on other platforms like Gmail, according to GSM Arena.
The Gemini AI integration aims to streamline user experience by providing quick access to artificial intelligence capabilities without leaving the Messages app.

Users will notice a new floating action button positioned above the "Start chat" button in the lower-right corner of the interface, facilitating easy access to the AI service.
Although the feature is currently not widely available, Google assures users that Gemini AI functions similarly to its standalone counterpart on Android devices, as per GSM Arena.
This integration allows users to ask questions, receive information, or issue commands seamlessly while continuing their conversations within Messages.
It's important to note that Gemini AI respects user privacy by not scanning private conversations.
However, interactions with the AI chatbot are not end-to-end encrypted, prompting users to exercise caution when sharing sensitive information.
Google also provides options for users to manage their chat history with Gemini, allowing storage customization from default settings of 18 months up to 36 months or as low as 3 months.
Regarding privacy concerns, Gemini AI does not track user location beyond general details derived from IP addresses or home addresses to provide relevant information.
As the update continues to roll out, users can look forward to enhanced capabilities and streamlined interactions within the Messages app. (ANI)