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Financial management group meeting addresses key economic issues under India's G20 presidency

New Delhi [India], September 19 (ANI): The fourth Financial Management Group (FWG) meeting, held recently under India's G20 presidency, in Raipur, brought together delegates to discuss critical topics concerning global economics.
The meeting commenced with a session focusing on 'Supply Chain Resilience and its Macroeconomic Implications.'

The delegates engaged in extensive discussions surrounding the challenges and opportunities of ensuring supply chain resilience in an interconnected global economy, stated a release.

Ministry of Finance posted on X, “Session and at the fourth  Financial Management Group (FWG) meeting invited delegates to discuss on 'Supply Chain Resilience and its Macroeconomic Implications' and on 'External Sector Report'. During the External Sector Report discussion, delegates deliberated upon the role of international cooperation in reducing external imbalances and the associated risks under the India Presidency in Raipur."

The resilience of supply chains has become a top priority in the wake of recent disruptions, and the FWG meeting provided a platform for exchanging insights on how this resilience impacts broader macroeconomic factors, the release added.
Another key area of discussion during the meeting was the 'External Sector Report.'
Delegates deliberated on the role of international cooperation in addressing external imbalances and the associated risks.
With India's presidency of the G20 this year, there is a heightened focus on promoting collaboration among nations to mitigate economic vulnerabilities stemming from imbalances in the external sector. (ANI)