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Mission Karmyaogi is needed to solve public grievances: Haryana CM Khattar

Gurugram (Haryana) [India], November 21 (ANI): Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar on Monday said that Mission Karmayogi is needed to solve public grievances efficiently in the state.
"We have to give a model to the state with the goal of collective and fast growth. We have to develop economic development; only then can we develop a new working style. We have to increase our administrative skills," CM Khattar said at the launch of the 'Mission Karmayogi Haryana' Programme in Gurugram.

He further said that we have to establish a SMART model, S- Simple, M- Moral, A -Accountable, R-Responsible, T-Transparent.
"We have to make sure that no one has to visit government offices frequently... We have to think of 'Ease of Doing'. We have to look for the easiest ways for people. We have to establish a SMART model, S- Simple, M- Moral, A -Accountable, R-Responsible, T-transparent, etc. Mission Karmayogi is needed so that we can solve public grievances efficiently," he added.
The 'Mission Karmayogi Haryana' programme will sensitise all state government employees and stakeholders on the importance of ethical behaviour, values and principles in governance.
The initiative, run by the Haryana Chief Minister, aims to develop ethical governance and enhance the skills and competencies of government employees, as well as, enhance public service delivery and accountability while delivering tangible benefits to the citizens of Haryana. (ANI)