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Samajwadi Party insults 'Adheenams', calls them radical Brahmins

PM Modi, Adheenam

The Samajwadi Party on Sunday took its opposition to the new Parliament level to a new low when one of its leaders termed the high priests of various 'Adheenams' in Tamil Nadu as radical Brahmin gurus of the South and accused the Centre of trying to establish Brahminism.

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While criticising Prime Minister Modi, the party's National General Secretary Swami Prasad Maurya took to Twitter to post in Hindi, which when roughly translated read: "It is extremely unfortunate that only radical Brahmin gurus of the South were called in for the Sengol installation prayers. If the BJP government had faith in India as a secular sovereign nation, then all the religious leaders of the country, including Buddhist Dharmacharyas (monks), Jain Acharyas (sages), Guru Granthis, Muslim religious leaders (Maulana) and Christian religious leaders (Pastor) should have been invited." 

"By not doing so, BJP has shown its corrupt mentality and disgusting thinking. Although the BJP government is going on the path of monarchy by establishing the Sengol sceptre, it is also trying to establish Brahminism by calling the Brahmin religious leaders of the South," he added.

The remarks have elicited a sharp response from the ruling government.

Sources in the government establishment said that the Samajwadi Party's allegations of Brahminism are 'comical and reek of ignorance'.

'These 'adheenams' are run by communities that come under Backward Caste and Other Backward Class categories. They have a rich history of Tamil literature that worships Lord Shiva. It is an insult to these holy Adheenams and to the diversity of Hinduism to make such comments,' sources added.

The prime minister was blessed by the Adheenams on Saturday, ahead of the 'Sengol' installation in the new Parliament House on Sunday. Addressing the Adheenams, the prime minister also underscored the role of great tradition like Adheenam in keeping the Tamil culture vibrant even after years of subjugation.

"All your institutions have a glorious history in terms of contribution to the nation. Now is the time to take this tradition forward and be inspired to work for the generations to come," Modi said, emphasising that the Adheenams have a very important role when the country is moving ahead with the goals of 2047.