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Yamaha EC-05 Electric Scooter India Launch in November 2019

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23rd August, 2019 22:45 IST
  • Drivezy, a ride rental company, will bring in the Yamaha EC-05 Electric Scooter.

  • Plans to bring in up to 5000 examples as soon as November.

  • Removable batteries can be recharged in the house.

Drivezy, a ride rental company, plans to bring the Yamaha EC-05 electric scooter to India as a for-hire product. The company hopes to have up to 5000 EC-05s in the country as soon as November. 

The Yamaha EC-05 is a scooter that was developed by Yamaha and revealed by Gogoro in Taiwan. Gogoro claims it to be the ‘Tesla of two-wheelers’, as it is a smart scooter. It is made and assembled in Taiwan. It has digital instrumentation and keyless go, which should pave the way for a mobile-phone app-based unlock, ride and payment system. Another innovation it offers is removable batteries that can then be charged at home, like the Hero Nyz ER and Optima ER and the 22 Kymco iFlow. Where Gogoro is different is that they have charging stations with battery packs, and you can exchange a drained battery for a fully charged one for a fee, thus taking the pain of having to recharge a battery yourself out of the equation. 

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Drivezy plans to raise USD 20-25 million for an electric subsidiary company that will then set up the network that will allow you to swap batteries. It is already finalising locations for this. Yamaha Motor India has not commented or confirmed its involvement with the EC-05, but it should give the company a boost for its electrification plans since the Indian government is keen to have electric vehicles replace fossil fuel-powered ones in the near future.

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