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Gara movie review: An amateur attempt

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Bangalore Mirror
04th May, 2019 00:19 IST
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Gara is a complicated story on which the director has no control for most of the time. It may have been a good story on paper, but on screen Gara is a haphazard plot that is far too long for its content, too slow to be engaging and poorly structured for an impact.

Another big problem with the film is the acting. Most actors deliver dialogues haltingly, like they were prompted. It makes the proceedings excruciating. At some places Rahaman Hassan sounds like the voice over artistes on news channels, a pain. Avanthika, the actor who plays Digital Gowda and Johny Lever are others with a trail of disjointed talk. They never allow you to watch the film in peace.

The film, claimed to be inspired by RK Narayan’s story, An Astrologer’s Day, gets interesting only towards the end. Meandering subplots and wayward narration robs the essence of the story for too long. The comedy sidetracks the film altogether.

There is an amateurish tinge on everything as the execution fails big time. Even seasoned actors like Tabala Nani and MS Umesh look pathetic in their roles.

The music by debutant Sagar Gururaj is one of the few things in the film that gives some comfort. For all the promise of a ‘family viewing experience’ there are quite a few voyeuristic scenes, including an ‘item song’ with half a dozen dancers. It is not an easily forgettable film because of all the annoyance it inflicts on you. The more you try to remember the chafe grows. A perfect learning example on how not to do some things.

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