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Hushar Movie Review: Not much punch in this horror

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Hushar aims to convey a message to society that life takes unexpected turns and one needs to be ready to face challenges. It dives right into the supernatural with a ghost killing a person named Hemanth from Hemapura village. Police visit the spot and begin investigation. They take a young man into custody for interrogation. The man tells the police that Siddesh, a tea shop owner from Hemapura knows more about the deceased. The story then shifts to Hemapura where Sateesh (Satishraj), an employed man, is seen losing money while betting. His friend Siddesh, the teashop owner, helps him get the money back from the gamblers.

Rashmi (Aadhya Priya) comes to Hemapura to work as a teacher at the government school. Siddesh falls in love with her but she advises him to focus on becoming somebody in the society. Then we see a lewd man get into an illicit relationship with a bank manager’s wife. She begins neglecting her husband (Ganesh Rao) and daughter Jaanya. Siddesh comes to know about it and advises her to mend her ways but her paramour and she decide to eliminate Siddesh and Jaanya instead. What happens to all these characters is what the story is all about.

Satishraj has acted well as the hero’s sidekick. His dialogue delivery and body language are good. He has also succeeded in shaking a leg in an item song with young and energetic junior artistes. The item song – Neenu Noodakke Sixteen Sweety - was sung by Real Star Upendra and Remo of Maja Talkies. Siddesh needs a bit more training to act in emotional scenes. Dingri Nagaraj and Pushpa Swamy provide good support.

The main drawback of the movie is the absence of established actors. The script is good and tries to convey a few messages to society but the lack of prominent actors is not working. The scene of police investigating the murder fails to impress with the two police constable characters looking out of place. Most of the stunt sequences are too filmy too.

Watch Hushar if you have no other plans for your free time.—

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