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Smart Cities Should Reach Out To The Citizens In Their Preferred Choice: Avaya

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03rd December, 2019 01:37 IST

Information sharing and quick information sharing are two key takeaways from data sharing which everyone wants. 

This is there in the corporate world and not on government sites. There are solutions that are currently being deployed that are paving the way the government works. 

The single most important asset of a smart city is the citizens. The traditional way of connecting to the citizens was through a phone call. Facebook and twitter are current trends, and this is the challenge for most of the smart cities. 

There are a lot of silos of an app, but are they really integrated. Are they really connected in the citizens' want?

Every smart city has an application but how many people have really downloaded it. There are only a few because people don’t want another app on their phone.

Ranbir Bhatia, Strategic Account Manager, Avaya says, “The apps created are not coming to the end-users. The apps should be created in such a way to let the citizen reach out to you in their preferred way.”    

The smart city apps can deploy chatbots, and integrate all the smart solutions into one app system. 

This process is not doing away with the app, but creating a parallel mechanism with a system of people’s choice.    

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