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Mumbai: Man hammered to death; body found in plastic sack

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23rd January, 2020 16:34 IST

Mumbai: Man hammered to death; body found in plastic sack

A vile incident happened in Mumbai where a man was brutally murdered. The deceased had gone missing since Monday and after two days his body was found a few meters away from his residence in Turbhe, Navi Mumbai.

The man has been identified as Santosh Kasbe, who was a daily wage labourer. He was the residence of Indra Nagar slums. The body of Kasbe was wrapped in a plastic sack.

According to the police, Kasbe was hit in the head with a hammer. The dead body was recovered after the Navi Mumbai Police received a call on their helpline. The caller told Police that a suspicious bag had been dumped in the chawl.

Kasbe's mother told media, that he left his home at around 5 pm on Monday and after some time his phone was switched off, Hindustan Times reported.

“He used to drink but never had any problems at home,” mother told.

She also added that Kasbe had some minor altercations with people but he had no serious enemies.

According to the police investigation, the deceased was hit at least three to four times on his head. Police are yet to confirm if they have recovered the weapon. Police reports also suggested that Kasbe’s wife died in 2015 after four months of her delivery.

Meanwhile, the probe is underway to find the culprit.

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