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Rashid Khan urges everyone to donate for Afghanistan-This little angel remains alive!!

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23rd June, 2022 16:56 IST

Yesterday earthquake at Afghanistan claimed the lives of more than 1000 people. Many people are still buried in the rubble of ruined houses destroyed by the magnitude 6.1 earthquake.


Meanwhile, Rashid Khan has urged everyone to donate for his nation as everyone is battling tough times.

He wrote about a girl whose entire family had died and requested people to come forward.

“This little angel is the only remaining alive member of her family, locals couldn’t find any other member of her family. There r many houses levelled to the ground due to landslides & people remained stuck under rubble and in outlying areas. PLZ Donate”


Pakistan speedster Shaheen Afridi also prayed for the people of Afghanistan.

“Devastated to know about the damaging earthquake has caused, we should ask for forgiveness and take extra care of the needy people around us. May Almighty make it easier for the people of Afghanistan.”

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