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Team India in Brisbane

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13th January, 2021 23:24 IST

There had been a lot of speculations revolving around the probabilities of going ahead with the fourth Test match in Brisbane. The Indian cricket team reached Brisbane on Tuesday and were greeted with a shock as they were asked to stay in a hotel that lacked basic amenties, and the players were reportedly confined to their rooms and had to clean toilets on their own. 

According to a source close to the team, “We are locked up in our rooms, have to make our own beds, clean our own toilets. Food is coming from a nearby Indian restaurant which will be given to us on our floor. We can’t move out of the floor that’s been designated for us,”

It is being said that the hotel the Team India is staying in is entirely empty with no other guests. The players are not able to use any amenities in the hotel including the swimming pool or the gym, while all the cafes and restaurants in the hotel are closed.

“But how is a team – struggling with injuries – expected to recover if basic amenities like pool and gym are not allowed? There’s no other guest in the hotel. It’s empty. Then why can’t the players use the amenities,” they added, describing the scenario as “pathetic”.

The source also accused Cricket Australia of not providing what was promised.

“What was promised, by way of facilities, and what’s being provided here are two diametrically opposite things. A lot of things were said earlier during this tour – like, once the mandatory quarantine is over, the players will be comfortable, will be given the necessary amenities, etc. (source-

The fourth match of the four-match Test series will be played at The Gabba, Brisbane starting from 15 to 19 January. India and Australia are tied at 1-1 and the Gabba match will be the deciding game of the Test series as to who will take the trophy home.

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