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Most Indian parents claim their children hooked on social media and OTT platforms: Survey

In a recent survey conducted by LocalCircles in urban areas of India, the findings indicate that a significant portion of parents believe their children are grappling with addiction to various digital platforms, including social media, OTT (Over-The-Top) services, and online gaming. Furthermore, around one-third of those surveyed expressed concerns that this addiction was contributing to increased aggression in their children.

The survey’s results also shed light on a strong desire among urban Indian parents for stricter data protection regulations. An overwhelming 73 percent of respondents expressed the need for mandatory parental consent when children under 18 years of age create accounts on social media, OTT platforms, or online gaming services. This call for stricter regulations highlights parents’ growing concerns about their children’s online activities.

The survey was comprehensive, drawing responses from over 46,000 urban Indian parents across 296 different districts. Among the respondents, approximately 62 percent were male, while the remaining 38 percent were female.

These findings underscore a worrisome trend, revealing that children between the ages of 9 and 17 are increasingly drawn into the digital realm, where social media, online gaming, and OTT platforms play a central role. The survey results signal the urgent need for parents, policymakers, and digital service providers to address the challenges posed by digital addiction and its impact on children’s behavior and well-being.