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Country to resume full immigrant visa processing in 2023; Read on…

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Following high-level conversations between the two nations earlier this year, the US intends to begin full immigrant visa processing in Havana for the first time since 2017, US officials announced on Wednesday. The modification, which is scheduled to go into effect in the first quarter of 2023, would let Cubans seeking family-based immigration visas to conduct their interview in Havana rather than Guyana in South America, according to the US Department of State.

Officials from the US and Cuba had the highest-level migration negotiations since US President Joe Biden took office in 2021 in April in Washington. Cooperation on migration and other issues has been difficult due to tensions between Washington and Havana over the Cuban government’s repression of protestors and ongoing American sanctions on the communist-run island.

Reuters reported in April that the United States wants Cuba to accept more deportees from the record numbers of Cubans landing at the US-Mexican border. The Cuban Family Reunification Parole Program, which offers a legal means for Cuban families to be reunited in the United States, was reinstated in August as part of the migratory resumption. The United States also boosted the number of embassy staff members to handle these cases.

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