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Google Maps gets 'three new features' that enhance user experience; Details

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East Coast Daily
13th May, 2022 22:18 IST

Google Maps is one of the most popular navigation apps. People nowadays are accustomed to utilizing navigation software to get from one location to another. Google sponsored a massive event called Google IO 2022 on May 11. During the event, Google Maps received several new features.

As part of these new capabilities, the tech giant revealed that customers will now be able to receive a larger and better picture of the globe, that they will now be able to utilize Live View in third-party applications, and that the new feature in Google Maps will assist the user to locate the most fuel-efficient route. Let’s look at how these enhancements will improve consumers’ experience with Google Maps.

1. Immersive view of the world
This is one of the most intriguing aspects since it allows the user to get a good look at their area, landmark, restaurant, or famous place without personally being there. ‘Whether you’re visiting a new place or looking for hidden local treasures, an immersive perspective will help you make the most informed decisions before you arrive,’ Google says.

For example, if you are planning a vacation and want to visit Paris, you can conduct a simple search on Google maps, and maps will assist you to have a better look at the destinations while you sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself at home. Aside from that, Maps will assist users in knowing what a location looks like at different times of the day and in different weather situations. The tech company also notified its consumers that they would be able to enjoy the Immersive view feature on any smartphone.

2. Eco-Friendly Routes
Eco-friendly paths were another new element featured during the event. The major goal of this function is to encourage people to travel in a more environmentally friendly manner. Google recently offered a similar tool in Canada and the United States. With the aid of this function, users will be able to choose a more fuel-efficient route, allowing them to save money on gas.

3. Live View on third-party apps
This is one of the intriguing things that Google has incorporated. Users will be able to find their way around utilising augmented reality using this functionality (AR). These AR will display an arrow and directions on the right side of your vision using your camera. This function comes in helpful while attempting to discover difficult interior regions such as airports, malls, and railway stations.

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