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High-Vermin! 'Rats ate cannabis worth $73K; Police reported to court

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Police in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh’s Mathura town stated that rats ‘devoured’ 581 kg of marijuana that had been seized and held in Shergarh’s warehouses in the state’s Bareilly district. The utterly absurd assertion was made after Mathura Police were ordered by a special court to provide marijuana seized in a case filed under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act (1985). Abhishek Yadav, Senior Superintendent of Police, Mathura, was then given the go-ahead by the extra district court to eradicate the ‘mice issue’ and provide evidence that rodents did in fact devour 581 kg of marijuana, valued at 60 lakh ($73,474).

Mice don’t fear the police!
For the sale or disposal of marijuana kept in police storage facilities, the court has issued five-point instructions. According to a statement by Martand P. Singh, acting senior superintendent of police (SSP), Mathura,’.time-bound action would be conducted in conformity with the court directives’.

Ranveer Singh, a special public prosecutor, said: ‘581 kg of marijuana that was kept in warehouses, according to the SHOs of Shergarh and Highway police stations, was destroyed by rats. The police have been unable to safeguard the drugs housed in the aforementioned storage places. The next hearing date, November 26, has been scheduled by the court, which also ordered the police to present evidence in support of the allegation’.

In its ruling from November 18, the court alluded to an instance in which, according to the government’s legal representative, 581 kg of collected marijuana was destroyed by rats. The court judgement stated, ‘On notification by the court, the Mathura SSP asked the CO refinery to undertake an inquiry, but marijuana was not recovered’. In a statement to the court, the Mathura police said: ‘Rats don’t fear the police since they are little in size. SHOs aren’t always the best at fixing issues’.

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