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Passenger on flight announced that he is covid positive just before take off… Know more!!!

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East Coast Daily
05th March, 2021 19:28 IST

New Delhi: Just before take-off, a passenger revealed that he was Covid positive. Airport officials recalled the plane after the pilot was informed.

A passenger on an Indigo 6E-286 flight from Indira Gandhi International Airport to Pune made a shocking revelation to the crew and passengers just before takeoff. He also handed over documents proving that he was Covid positive to the cabin crew. The pilot reported the information to the airport controller.

He was released after the passengers in the three-row seats were first released, including the range in which the Covid positive passenger was seated. The passenger has been admitted to a hospital in South Delhi.
After disinfecting the seats and replacing the seat covers, the aircraft was ready to take off again. Other passengers had to wait until the disinfection of the aircraft was completed, but the passengers said they were satisfied that the airline had provided them with water and other beverages. The airline also provided them with a PPE kit.

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