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Sumatran Rhinoceros extinct now, Last of the species in captivity dies in Malaysia of cancer

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East Coast Daily
29th November, 2019 11:34 IST

The Sumatran rhinoceros has become extinct,  after the last of the species succumbed to cancer on Saturday in Malaysia.WWF hopes for a permutation chance to find a very few in the wild forests of Sumatra

The Wildlife Department in eastern Sabah state on Borneo island said the rhino, named Iman, died of natural causes due to shock in her system. She had uterine tumors since her capture in March 2014.

Department director Augustine Tuuga said in a statement that Iman, who reportedly was 25 years old, was suffering significant pain from growing pressure of the tumors to her bladder but that her death came sooner than expected.

The Sumatra rhino is the smallest of the rhinoceros species and the only rhino with two horns. The species once roamed across Asia as far as India, but its numbers have shrunk drastically due to deforestation and poaching.

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