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They run at high speed and hunt so cunningly…

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East Coast Daily
18th October, 2020 07:47 IST

Wolves are a name that you have heard of through cartoons, stories and pictures. They are very brave and travel in groups and are known as the best hunters in the forest. Want to know some interesting things about them…

* Wolves, known as the best hunters, are the largest species of dog. The wolves weigh 45 to 80 kilograms. They prefer to live in groups of six to ten. Male wolves lead this group. They can be found in many climates around the world  and their body type is suitable for all those climates. These are hairy mammals that give birth to young and give birth to mammals.


* No one can attack and subdue them so quickly just because they are herds. They are carnivores and feed on deer, sheep, wild buffalo, rats and antelopes. In addition, they eat fruits and vegetables, including apples. Most of the time, a prey falls in front of them after not getting food for days. That is why they are careful to put it inside as soon as possible without waiting any longer. During the breeding season, they eat more food than usual.


* They have 42 powerful teeth that help them to bite easily. Wolves can run very fast and long distances and have a top speed of 56 kmph. No matter how far they run, they do not get tired so quickly that they can catch the prey. Wolves are characterized by excellent eyesight, hearing and sense of smell.

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