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Video footage of leopard and Porcupine battle viral, Guess who wins the fight

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East Coast Daily
30th November, 2019 10:21 IST

The video clip of a face-off of a leopard with a porcupine is getting viral. The video shot on a road amid forest shows the leopard and porcupine engaged in a deadly battle. The post was made by Parveen Kaswan.

The big cat, however, should have known that messing with a porcupine is not quite a good idea. As it scratched the porcupine, it moved ahead and so did the big cat. The leopard, enraged, bit the porcupine to get his first lesson for messing with the quiller. The leopard had his face poked with the spines and quietly moved to the forest.

The porcupine’s body has thousands of spines known as quills, each having a toxic coating. Only a very few animals in the forest, including the leopard, have the nerves to mess with a porcupine. The featured leopard is unlucky though to have a quilly dinner.






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