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“Beware of the sunscreen you use”- This US island bans the use of sunscreen

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East Coast Daily
03rd October, 2019 12:19 IST

The US Virgin Islands have banned the use of sunscreens following a recent study confirmed some of the harmful elements in the sunscreen are the cause of damage to its coral reefs and marine life.

The island nation of Palau in the western Pacific also outlawed sunscreens with harmful chemicals in 2018. It took action after a 2017 report showed that its most popular natural landmark, Jellyfish Lake, where millions of golden jellies once thrived, recorded its highest concentrations of sunscreen compounds. Virgin Islands Governor Albert Bryan said that to protect their world-class beaches and natural beauty in the coming years a responsible tourism initiative has to be made and the move is to support sustainable tourism.

Sunbathers smear themselves with sunscreens and then swim in the clear sea when the chemicals in the sunscreen get dissolved and harm the flora and fauna.



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