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Funny yet true stereotypes in India: Check out

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East Coast Daily
06th November, 2019 12:32 IST

People around the globe has their own prejudices and stereotypes and Indians are not a exception.

A popular blog has pointed out some of the Indian stereotypes. The blog has given the answers to how Indian think about other countries in the world.

The blogger takes an anticipatory bail that these are  mostly inclined to his views. Others might have a different Opinion. Take this as a light hearted answer.

USA – Superpower.
Pakistan – Enemy.
Bangladesh – Illegal Immigrants.
Srilanka – Home of Ravana.
China – No Guarantee.
Japan – Technology / Earthquake.
South Korea – LG, Samsung.
Saudi Arabia – Strict / Orthodox.
Mongolia – Genghis Khan.
Mexico – Mafia.
Nepal – Hindu Brother.
Egypt – Land of Mummy.
Germany – Hitler.
France – Lovers Point.
Canada – Mini Punjab.
Brazil – Football.
Mauritius – Mini India.
Somalia – Pirates.
Afghanistan – Land Mines, Taliban
Kuwait – Rich / Oil.
Iraq – Unsafe.
Syria – Destroy.
Bhutan – Good Neighbour.
Romania – Vampire.
Spain – Tomato.
Scotland – Bagpipes.
Italy – Ferrari, Pizza, Pasta.
Nigeria – Fraud.
Netherlands – Milk.
South Africa – Nelson Mandela.
Thailand – Sex Tourism.
Malaysia – Foreign Tamil Nadu.

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