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How to go Europe from India by train: Check out this

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East Coast Daily
06th November, 2019 11:44 IST

It will be a astonishing fact that a person can travel to Europe from India. Yes it is possible. Earlier in 2005 a person has done this. A person named Dr. John Stubbs has did this. Stubbs started from Derby in England and reached Mumbai. It took him 25 days to reach Mumbai from England.


Steps to be followed:


Mumbai-Delhi: We can take direct train to Delhi. The distance is 1360 km and based on the type of train, it can take 14–28 hours.

Delhi-Lahore: From Delhi, we need to board bi-weekly Samjhauta Express, which will take us to Lahore in 16 hours, following a layover at Atari.


Lahore-Quetta: Akbar Express from Lahore will take us to Quetta situated in Balochistan, Pakistan. It will take 23 hours to cover 1225 km.

Quetta-Zahedan: Zahedan Mixed Passenger is the only train that connects these 2 places and it runs only on 1st and 15th of every month. It takes 33 hours to reach the Iranian city which is 732 km away.


Zahedan-Tehran: A passenger train is available connecting Zaherdan with Iran’s capital. The train takes almost 24 hours to cover around 1500 km.

Tehran-Ankara: In this route you has to catch ‘ Trans Asia Express’. It has 3 parts. First, an Iranian train, operating between Tehran and Van Pier,Turkey; then, a ferry service, provided to cross the lake Van and after crossing, a Turkish train, to reach Ankara.


Ankara-Istanbul: A high speed railway is available from Ankara to Istanbul covering 533 km in just 5 hours.

Istanbul-London: Various routes are available. For example, our route can be split into Istanbul-Bucharest(Romania); Bucharest-Budapest(Hungary); Budapest-Munich(Germany); Munich-Paris(France) and Paris-London.

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