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Places You Should Visit in Ayodhya

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East Coast Daily
14th January, 2019 16:21 IST

Ram Janmabhoomi: This is the epicentre of Ayodhya. The place is believed to be the birthplace of Lord Ram. It is also where a mosque was built by Babar over what archaeological evidence shows was an ancient temple. The same mosque was demolished in 1992. Three claimants have been arguing the case for what is now the longest legal battle in the history of India. As of today, the golden idols of Lord Ram, Sita and his brothers have been placed under a makeshift tent that can be approached through a grilled maze installed for security purpose. Pilgrims are allowed to view the temporary temple after several layers of security check. Beware of touts who promise to take you to Ram Darbar where golden idols are placed – that place has no link with Ram Janmabhoomi.

imageAyodhya Diwali celebration- Grand Diwali show in Ayodhya by starting with shobha yatra and welcoming of Ram, Sita and lakshman by UP CM Yogi Aditya nath followed by Saryu aarti and lightning of lamps of ghats of ayodhya
TOI Lucknow Photo – By Ajay Kumar

Sarju and Ram ki Paidi: One of the most historic rivers, the Sarayu is where Lord Ram and his family along with residents of Ayodhya bathed. It continues to flow in perpetuity. One can choose to go boating or take a holy dip or simply stand by its banks and pray to the river with earthen lamps and flowers. Right next to the river, is the Ram ki Paidi which had structured ghats and is a resplendent sight to behold in the evenings when the multi-coloured lights come up.



Hanuman Garhi: A must stop for travellers to the city, Hanuman Garhi is a 10th-century temple dedicated to Hanuman, who was a prime devotee and sevak of Lord Ram. The temple can be approached by a flight of 76 stairs. The deity is a saffron coloured idol lodged in a temple surrounded by a square courtyard. Several shops selling religious and other trinkets and sweetmeats line up the street to Hanuman Garhi. The temple is considered Siddha and holds significant religious value especially as Hanuman is believed to be staying there still guarding Ayodhya.

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