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Watch how a power company employee coaxes a young bear to climb down from a power pole

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East Coast Daily
10th June, 2021 13:35 IST

A young bear was found stuck high up on a utility pole in Arizona on Monday morning. An electric company employee coaxed the bear to climb down. The bear escaped unharmed. The incident occurred in the city of Willcox in southern Arizona in the US.

Sulphur Spring Valley Electric Co-op employees Warner Newbauer and Efren Gallego coaxed the animal to climb down the pole. Before approaching the young bear on their boom truck basket they had cut off the power supply.

Newbauer said, “He was in a pretty dangerous spot. Could’ve very easily gotten himself electrocuted. He was real close to a phase energized at 7,500 volts. He was in a dangerous spot.”

The Arizona Game and Fish Department shared the video on Twitter.

After climbing down the pole the bear ran away unharmed.

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