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Watch this cat getting excited seeing a fish swimming video….

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East Coast Daily
18th October, 2020 11:08 IST

“He is so excited and he just can’t hide it,” reads the caption of the post shared in Reddit. The clip exactly shows what the caption means. The video was initially shared with the caption “Just wiggle, wiggle, wiggle! Leo’s first reaction to watching the fishies swim.”


It starts with the cat intently looking at a laptop screen which shows orange fish swimming on a blue background. As the scene on the screen continues, the cat gets even more excited and does this:

He’s so excited and he just can’t hide it from AnimalsBeingDerps


“Omg I want the dancing kitty!!” wrote a Redditor. “Looks confused at why it couldn’t see it from behind. So cute,” expressed another. “Oh boy, now I’m laughing out loud as the only person still awake in the house… well, probably not for long,” expressed a third. “That wiggle!” said a fourth.

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