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Ice hotel that doesn't melt in summer leaves netizens in awe

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East Coast Daily
05th March, 2021 15:05 IST

Ice is the third state of matter and it demands to be melt in high temperature. But this Ice hotel in Sweden is leaving netizens in awe as it doesn’t melt in summer. It will stand firm and strong without melting in all seasons for 365 days. The hotel is built in the small village of Jukkasjärvi, in Northern Sweden, 200 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle.


The 2,100 square metre ice art hall has Art and Deluxe Suites, an Ice Bar and an experience room. The lessons on  Icehotel’s history through images, art and a short video presentation will be arranged in the experience room. The framework of the hotel is made of steel and concrete and is covered with 2,000 square metres of insulation. The roof has about 20-centimetre insulation to protect the ice from melting in summers. No doubt that this stupendous construction will lure tourists from all over the world.


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