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Aadhar Card Update: UIDAI has issued a new order for Aadhaar Card, know these important things before using it!..

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Aadhaar Card: Aadhaar card is needed by all citizens. From taking benefits in any government scheme to a bank and a large number of transactions, an Aadhaar card is required. In such a situation, its security is very important, due to which UIDAI keeps changing the rules again and again. Now the organization issuing the Aadhaar card has issued a new order.


According to the new instructions of UIDAI, now any users will be required to take online or offline permission before Aadhaar certification. Aadhaar holders will not be able to use it without permission, as it will not be verified without orders. You can take this consent either online or offline.

What instructions were given by UIDAI
UIDAI instructed RE requesting organizations that the person who is doing Aadhaar certification online should understand his need. UIDAI said that the users will have to take approval for the verification by telling the whole thing and when the verification is done, the complete documents should be together.


Give information about fraud immediately
The organization of the Aadhaar card said in a tweet that if users get any information related to any kind of fraud, then its information should be given immediately. Along with this, its report should also be filed. UIDI said that if someone asks for more money for any kind of update related to an Aadhaar card, then you can complain about it in 1947.

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