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Health: These 4 tips told by experts are effective in removing anxiety-depression during the Corona period

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15th January, 2022 10:35 IST

Tips to Reduce Depression: The coronavirus, which has affected the whole world badly for the last two years, has caused not only physical but also mental problems for people. People have seen a lot in the last two years. Its direct effect is now visible on his mental health as well. A report published by University College London in April 2021 found that depression and anxiety were at their highest levels in the UK lockdown in March 2020, while there was a significant reduction after the lockdown opened. was done on more than one person. In a similar report of the US Census Bureau, it was found that in December 2020, anxiety among American youth was 42% higher. However, it is also true that this difficult time has also brought many meaningful changes in people's thinking towards life. Now the attitude towards life of people has changed a lot. Now people want to move ahead with a positive approach in life.


In a news report published in Dainik Bhaskar newspaper, Dr. Rajesh Yadav of Rivermead Gate Medical Center in London believes that if you do 20 minutes of hobby, outdoor activity, or helping others, then it will help you. Anxiety is less. Dr. Rajesh has suggested some measures to overcome depression during the Corona period.

Extend a helping hand

An analysis published in the Journal of Happiness Studies in 2020 found that youth who volunteered during the lockdown described it as the most satisfying job. In a social study conducted by University College London in September 2021, every third person reported that they received more support from their neighbors than before. By cooperating in adversity, not only does the despair of the needy go away, but the person who cooperates also gets happiness.

Supports loved ones

According to the report of the United States Census Bureau, symptoms of anxiety and depression are found more in people who live alone. Research published in the journal Springer Link suggests that when people find themselves connected to others during pandemics, they have less anxiety and depression. In such a situation, staying away from family members and friends in the epidemic, definitely stay in touch through phone, video call, etc.

Exercise is essential

According to the survey published in September 2020 in the journal Frontiers in Psychology, people who exercised frequently during lockdown had more positive energy. His mood was better. A behavioral analysis of nearly 3000 youth published in the US psychological journal ENGAGE found that youth who continued to exercise while staying at home during the early stages of the pandemic were less prone to depression.


Activities like gardening-painting are beneficial

Loss of interest in routine work is also a symptom of weak mental health. It is called Anhedonia. This is also a type of depression. According to the International Journal of Environmental Health Research, even 20 minutes spent on outdoor activity can keep a person mentally fit. Activities like gardening-painting are effective in this.

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