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Khas Ka Sharbat Recipe: Khas Ka Sharbat Recipe will give you a feeling of coolness in summer, make this way

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14th May, 2022 19:56 IST

Khas Ka Sharbat Recipe: In hot summer, Khas Ka Sharbat gives instant coolness to the body. In the summer season, people try to maintain the body temperature in different ways. Desi drinks become very beneficial in the summer season. They are not only full of taste but are also very beneficial for health. Sugarcane juice, mango panna is drunk regularly in summer, but if you want to try something new, then you can try khus ka syrup. This drink can prove to be very effective in dissolving instant coolness in your body, khus ka syrup is a very easy to make indigenous drink. If you have not tried it at home yet, then we are telling you an easy recipe to make khus ka syrup, with the help of which you will be able to prepare it instantly. Apart from being full of taste, this syrup will also be beneficial for health.


Ingredients for Khus Ka Sharbat
khus essence - 1 t spun
Sugar - 2 cups
Green food color - 1/2 tsp
Water - 2 glasses
ice cubes


Method of making Khus syrup
To make khus ka syrup, first take a vessel and put 2 glasses of water in it. After this, add 2 cups of sugar (if you want, you can take sugar according to your taste) in the water. Now with the help of a spoon, stir the water until both the sugar and water become equal. Now add a spoonful of khus essence to the sugar water and mix it well in the water with the help of a spoon.
When the khus essence mixes well in water, mix 1/2 tsp green food color in sugar water and mix. In this way, the syrup of khus, which gives relief in summer, is ready. Whenever you want to drink khus syrup or want to serve it to someone, take a glass of syrup and mix half a glass of water in it and drink or serve it by adding ice.

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