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Sweet Corner: Make the happy occasion memorable with Balushahi, try this sweet dish at home...

If you have not yet tried making Balushahi at home, then we will tell you it is an easy recipe. After knowing this, you will be able to prepare it quickly whenever you feel like it. We believe that if you serve this Balushahi to your guests, they will also like it very much.

Flour – 1 cup
Ghee – 1/4 cup
Curd – 1 tsp
Baking soda – 2 pinches
Sugar – 1/2 kg
Cardamom – 1 pinch
Dry Fruits

- First of all, add ghee and water in a vessel and mix well. Add two pinches of baking soda to it.
- Add 1 teaspoon curd to the mixture and mix well. Now take flour and sift it first.
- Add flour to the mixture and knead the dough well. In between, add more flour three times, one spoon at a time.
- Knead a nice soft dough and keep it aside for about 10 minutes.
- To make syrup, first, take a pan with a thick bottom, add water and sugar to it and let it cook well. Keep stirring the syrup with a spoon.

When it starts boiling, take the pan down from the gas.
- Make balls in equal proportion to the kneaded dough and after pressing them lightly, make a hole in the middle with your finger. Make Balushahi of all the balls one by one.

Now take another pan and heat the oil in it on medium flame. Once the oil is well heated, add raw Balushahi to it and fry it. Keep the medium flame of gas.
- When Balushahi becomes golden brown from one side, turn it and cook it well from the other side.
- When Balushahi gets fried well from both sides, take it out and dip it in sugar syrup for 5 minutes. Turn the Balushahi after 2-3 minutes.

- Balushahi is ready. Take it out in a plate and garnish with finely chopped dry fruits.
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