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Internet of things to help Delhi International Airport Limited save fuel, track vehicles at IGI

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Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) has installed the first-of-its-kind IoT (Internet of Things) devices in its vehicles used at IGI Airport to save fuel, reduce carbon emissions, enhance safety, track locations of vehicles and schedule their maintenance.

The IoT devices save all data related to the movement of a vehicle like time, distance, fuel, etc, and send alerts to authorities concerned whenever there is any violation of rules. The move will help the airport operator to check fuel and cut down around 8,82,200 kilograms of carbon emissions per year. In five years, these IoT device-fitted vehicles are likely to help DIAL in reducing nearly 44,10,922 kilograms of carbon emissions.

Around 1,000 diesel and petrol-operated vehicles, including two-wheelers, light motor vehicles, heavy motor vehicles and tractors, are being used in the vicinity of the Delhi airport. By August-end, all the vehicles of DIAL will be fitted with IoT devices.

“Since the installation of the IoT devices in these vehicles, DIAL has witnessed enhanced safety standards on the airside and landside. The devices send alerts to authorities concerned whenever there is any violation of safety rules, like driving above the permitted speed limits, driving in or out of designated areas on the airside, etc. These devices have helped us in saving around 23% fuel in the utility vehicles used by airport rescue and firefighting, airside operations, security & project and engineering teams. Similarly, around 9% of fuel was saved after IoT devices were installed in tractors,” said DIAL.

As part of its environmental sustainability efforts, the Delhi airport has been using only hydro and solar power for its energy needs since June 1.

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