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Xiaomi launches smart glasses with real-time text and photo translation

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14th September, 2021 12:52 IST

NEW DELHI: Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi Tuesday launched its first eyewear product, the Xiaomi Smart Glasses, with an aim to compete with the likes of Google, Snapchat, Lenovo, and Facebook.

The Xiaomi Smart Glasses though don’t immerse users in virtual reality (VR) experience but Xiaomi claims that it “is not just a ‘second screen’” for smartphones considering it integrates a total of 497 components including miniature sensors and communication modules.

The Xiaomi Smart Glasses weighs 51 grams and uses MicroLEDs for providing a brighter display and deeper blacks.

“MicroLEDs have a higher pixel density and longer lifespan while having a simpler structure. This allows for a more compact display, as well as easier screen integration,” Xiaomi said in an official blog post.

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It houses a display chip measuring 2.4mm x 2.02mm and each individual pixel measures 4 micrometer, and uses a monochrome display solution that is claimed to reach a peak brightness of 2 million nits.

Xiaomi said it arrived at four use cases after in-depth discussions, including “key notification”, ”phone call”, “navigation”, and “photo translation”. It added that XiaoAi AI Assistant will be the primary interaction method.

Additionally, it also packs a 5MP camera on the front that can be used for taking photos and translate text in photos.

By utilizing the built-in microphone and proprietary translating algorithm, Xiaomi Smart Glasses is capable of transcribing audio into text with translations in real-time.

The smart glass is powered by a quad-core ARM processor, battery, touchpad, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth modules, Android operating system, among others.

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