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Kerala can become a lab of new ideas: Sam Pitroda

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ET Health
23rd May, 2020 14:01 IST
THIRUVANANTHPURAM: Technocrat Sam Pitroda said that Kerala’s achievements in the healthcare sector were the results of decades-long efforts put forth by various governments and the public.

"These achievements have a long tradition and backed by this tradition, Kerala can emerge as a model for the whole world in overcoming the challenges posed by Covid-19 pandemic," he said while inaugurating a webinar series on ‘India after Covid-19 pandemic: Challenges and priorities’ that was organized by Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Development Studies (RGIDS).

Terming Kerala as ‘a champion in healthcare sector’, Pitroda said other states haven’t followed the ‘Kerala model’. "Kerala can be a model for the world in various sectors. The state should be able to emerge as a laboratory of new ideas," he said.

Pointing out that it would be impossible to attain the previous order after overcoming existing challenges, Pitroda said the real challenge before the world is to create a new order of enhanced participation, equality and shareholding.

"Kerala can play a leading role to attain this order and the state has all the expertise required. The state’s big assets are the prevailing atmosphere of religious harmony, huge scope for joint ventures and a committed expatriate population," he said.

Pitroda said that RGIDS could also contribute greatly in achieving this new order and extended his complete support for any such initiative.

He also said that the biggest challenge before the country was empowerment of 300 million Indians, including migrant labourers. The exodus of migrant workers is a big concern, and these workers – who build roads and buildings – form the basis of the country’s economy. The misery they are now undergoing is a shame for every Indian, he added.

Stressing on the need for new models for creating new opportunities Pitroda said an ‘Indian model development’ was required to gain control over manufacturing sector which is now ‘China-centric’. "The world has lost its direction. Ongoing deliberations on development are still based on World Bank, IMF, GDP and GNP, which are development models envisaged 75 years ago and now obsolete," he added

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