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Need to clear misconceptions on male sterilisation, says expert

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ET Health
12th July, 2019 15:52 IST
Mysuru: Misconception hovers around male sterilization; more men have to be made aware of the concept to control population explosion in the country, said family planning officer Dr Siraj Ahmed here on Thursday.

Ahmed, who took part in the World Population Day celebrations at the Rangacharlu Memorial Town Hall, said there is usual misconception among men that sterilization would make them weak and unable to work. “But it is false, sterilization will not make men weak, instead they will be fit and ready to work within a day,” Ahmed said.

Dr Ahmed also cited the example of Dr Chidambar, district vector-borne control officer who underwent vasectomy six months ago. “Dr Chidambar has set an example in the health department. Even though we recommended him to take leave for seven days, he declined and resumed work in hours. His case is also an example for those who think male sterilization can make them weak,” Ahmed added.

Citing examples of family planning methods, Ahmed said the government has taken up new schemes to promote family planning. Junior health officers and Asha workers go door-to-door to create awareness. Every commodity is made available for free at the primary health centres as well. The department is also in talks with private hospitals to refer patients who come for tubectomy and vasectomy to the government hospitals, Ahmed said lamenting that the Mysuru district has recorded only 12 cases of family planning surgeries. Neighbouring Kodagu is ahead of Mysuru, he opined.

MCC health officer Jayanth advised that the government should make it mandatory to have only two kids.

Principal of Banumaiah College, Hirannaiah delivered a lecture on population explosion.

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