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People with epilepsy can lead normal lives: Doctors

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12th February, 2019 11:58 IST
COIMBATORE: The Indian Medical Association and the Coimbatore Neurological Society conducted an awareness rally around the Coimbatore Medical College Hospital campus to create awareness about epilepsy on Monday, the International Epilepsy Day.

Participants including medical students holding placards and posters that had pictorial descriptions of people having seizure walked to the bus stop near the hospital and parts of the Trichy Road to inform people about the symptoms of the neurological disorder, dos and don’ts and treatment options.

“We wanted people to know more about the condition and make them understand that it is inaccurately portrayed in many movies. Simple measures like making the patient lie down on side, giving a small pillow, loosening tie and unfastening neck button helps a lot during a seizure,” IMA secretary Dr V Rajesh Babu said. “Also, placing a key or iron objects in their hand and spoon in their mouth can be dangerous.”

“Most seizures end within five minutes and patients can be stabilized before being brought to the hospital. But if it does not, patients should be rushed to medical attention. Also, people should not hide the fact that they have epilepsy. It can be controlled with regular meditation and healthy lifestyle including a good night’s sleep, avoiding alcohol and tobacco,” Babu added.

“It is important that people you live and work with know you have epilepsy, so they are equipped to handle you during a seizure,” another doctor said.
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