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Pune doc files complaint against traditional medicine practitioner

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ET Health
09th November, 2019 07:08 IST
Coimbatore: A Pune-based doctor on Friday said the medical services authority was yet to look into a complaint that he lodged against a traditional medicine practitioner in Pollachi some 20 days ago, seeking action against him as he appeared to be a quack. The health services department, however, said it had sent a team to Pollachi to investigate the issue.

In his complaint to the joint director of health services on October 17, Dr Johny Kumar Biswas said Dr S K Bhadra, who runs Padma Clinic in Pollachi, had performed a surgery on his cousin Chiranjit Biswas to remove piles and that his relative had contracted infection after that.

He said Bhadra had examined his cousin, a construction contractor in Mettupalayam, on August 13 and promised to treat him without surgery. “However, he prescribed injections, including anesthesia, and performed a surgery to remove the piles.”

According to Dr Johny, his cousin developed severe pain and continual rectal bleeding four to five days after the surgery. “He then met me in Pune and I found a wound, which might have been the result of the surgery, with puss coming out from that. First of all, alternate system doctors are not supposed to perform surgery. This is a classic case of a quack, playing with people’s lives,” he said.

S K Bhadra states that he is a “specialist in piles, fistula, fissure, sinus and skin diseases” and his educational qualification is CASM. When contacted, Bhadra said he had studied ayurveda at the Madurai Kamaraj University but refused to mention his degree. He said they only give kashayams and medicines and do not do surgery.

Dr Krishna, joint director of health services, said she has forwarded the complaint to the team dedicated to exposing medical quackery within her department. She said the team was sent to Pollachi on Friday to inquire about the doctor and the clinic.

“We did receive the complaint about the piles surgery and the resulting infection. The team, comprising a siddha officer, is in Pollachi. There is a lot of procedures when it comes to in catching quacks, in terms of verifying the complaint, investigating it and checking if his educational qualifications are fake,” she said.

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