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Sharp rise in hospitalisations in Delhi even as Covid cases fall

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ET Health
15th January, 2022 09:38 IST
Covid-19 hospitalisations in the national capital have increased significantly in the last one week.

The Delhi government's mobile application for Covid-19 shows the number of people needing ICU beds and beds with ventilators more than doubled during the period, even though the city on Friday recorded a drop in the number of new infections.

On January 14, the Delhi corona app showed a near doubling in the number of people requiring oxygen beds at 2,365, up from 1,272 on January 7. The city has 14,464 oxygen beds.

Similarly, 675 ICU beds were occupied on Friday compared with 201 a week ago. The number of occupied beds with ventilators stood at 230 compared with 77 on January 7. On January 6, only 72 such beds hasd patients.

The private hospitals have also started to see an increase in Covid-19 patients over the last few days.

"The number of Covid inpatients has been increasing over the last two weeks and we have till date admitted from December 21 onwards around 800 patients," said Sandeep Budhiraja, group medical director at Max Healthcare.

A source at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital in Delhi said admissions pertaining to Covid are increasing week-on-week, though it's still not a surge. Max Healthcare's Budhiraja said there's been a relative increase in number of patients needing ICU facility and those requiring oxygen/ventilation.

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