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New Parliament House likely to cost Rs 776 crore

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The Economic Times
20th February, 2020 15:46 IST

NEW DELHI: The new Parliament House will be built at an estimated cost of Rs 776 crore and the total built-up area in the Parliament complex after new construction will be more than double of what it is now. While 194 trees need to be felled for the project, the government has claimed that the total green area in the complex will increase by at least 25%.

These are the details that the housing and urban affairs ministry has submitted while seeking the environmental clearance for the project.

According to the ministry’s application, the new Parliament will have facilities for a Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and joint sessions besides lounges.

The new Parliament building will be 50 metres tall. The application filed by the urban affairs ministry on February 12 said that the current built-up area is 44,940 sq metre and after the new construction, this will increase to nearly 1.05 lakh sq metres.

The project to be built over 8.2 acres will require about 8.61 lakh tonnes of raw material.

The ministry has also submitted that the total number of trees in the complex will increase to 632 from the present number of 250. It has claimed that the total greenbelt will increase from the current 16,136 sq metre to 20,636 sq metre.

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