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Job guarantee tops priority list for freshers while choosing upskilling programme: Survey

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The Economic Times
17th May, 2022 10:04 IST

A job guarantee remains the top priority for fresh graduates when choosing a course, finds a new survey.

BridgeLabz, an incubator solely focused on solving tech employability issues in the country, surveyed fresh graduates to understand their preferences while taking up upskilling courses. The survey was conducted among a sample size of 1,100, wherein 72.13% of participants were boys, and 27.87% were girls.

90% of respondents wanted upskilling courses with a job guarantee, and only 4% were acceptinge of a programme that did not offer a job guarantee. Similarly, nearly 82% of respondents feel that the crucial aspect to consider while choosing an online upskilling programme is the job guarantee. The rest, 4%, prioritise scholarships, and 9% prefer internships at the end of the course. Additionally, nearly 86% of the respondents feel opting for a programme that offers a job guarantee will enable them to land their dream job.

The survey also finds that 71% of graduates would opt for a course that gets them a job without an interview. 53% want preparation for a job interview to be a part of the upskilling programme. 43% want soft skills training, and nearly 4% want help with resume preparation.

“Upskilling trends change every year. Our survey reflects the expectations of fresh graduates as they finish college and start looking for jobs. At BridgeLabz, we enable graduates to land the job they want, and upskilling is important," said BridgeLabz founder Narayan Mahadevan.

53% of respondents prefer online courses, while 23% want offline systems, and the remaining nearly 24% would opt for a hybrid model of upskilling courses.

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