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KLAY Schools launches content platform for parents

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The Economic Times
14th February, 2020 19:46 IST

BENGALURU: Kids Learning And You (KLAY) Schools, a chain of non-franchised pre-schools and daycare centres, launched a content platform for parents on Friday.

The platform, which is called That Parent Thing, will provide knowledge and experiences from experts and parents across a variety of subjects including work and life.

The experts will include a speech therapist, a child psychologist, a body-positivity ambassador, an angel investor and educator.

The platform will attempt to answer every question that a parent may have on topics pertaining to infants, toddlers and pre-teens while raising their child, and help create a community of parents that can rely on each other.

"Over the years, a combination of urban factors such as the rise of nuclear, double-income families and the availability of several sources (credible and otherwise) of information online has fed the paranoia associated with parenting," said Priya Krishnan, CEO, KLAY School.

She said the company is riding on our experience in caring for children between the ages of 1 – 6, and want to help parents take charge of their parenthood.

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