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Ashok Gehlot shows support of 107 ruling MLAs, Pilot invited for meeting on Tuesday

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The Economic Times
13th July, 2020 23:42 IST

NEW DELHI: Rajasthan chief minister Ashok Gehlot on Monday produced "107 Congress and supporting MLAs" at a meeting to “prove his majority”. With this, Sachin Pilot’s claims that he had the support of 30 MLAs and that the Gehlot government was in a minority fell flat.

After 13 Congress MLAs, including Pilot and two ministers, and four Independents stayed away from the meeting, the Congress leadership initiated a carrot-and-stick strategy, asking Pilot to agree to a peace pact the resolution of the party talking about disciplinary actions against rebels. The CM has called another meeting on Tuesday, with an invitation to Pilot to ‘return home’.

On the other hand, Pilot camp released a video of Monday night showing the rebels MLAs sitting together at an undisclosed place. The, the Pilot camp also adopted a ‘blow hot, blow cold’ tactic from its operation venue in Delhi. While clarifying that Pilot ‘wasn’t joining’ BJP, his camp rejected Gehlot-led Congress’ claim of majority as ‘fake’. It also claimed invisible friends in the Gehlot camp and questioned the validity of holding a CLP meet at CM’s ‘backyard’. The CM should have taken MLAs to Raj Bhavan, not to a resort, and he should face a floor test, the Pilot camp said.

BJP, too, played the same tune. Yet, neither the Pilot camp nor BJP spoke about moving a no-confidence motion against the Gehlot regime.The Pilot camp also claimed the representatives of the Congress high command had reached out to its leader (after the CLP meeting). Congress camp claimed top leaders "inclduing Sonia, rahul and Priyanka" are talking to Pilot. Both sides seem to be overclaiming the level of negotiators as part of the mind-games.

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