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Period pain simulator at Kochi mall helps men know the pain of menstruation

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It was organised to let men know firsthand the pain and discomfort faced by women during menstruation. And many found they didn't have the stomach to last till extreme levels .

A period pain simulator was set up at the Lulu Mall in Kochi recently as part of a social experiment to create awareness among men about menstrual cramps. It was an initiative of local MP Hibi Eden's Cup of Life initiative and backed by the Kochi chapter of the Indian Medical Association.

Videos of the #feelthepain experiment shared on social media showed clearly what women knew all along - that men have no idea what they undergo during that time of the month.

"Painful in a very irritating way, " said Eden, who himself took the test.

A video showed young men clutching their stomach and even gasping for breath as the threshold levels in the pain simulator were raised.

The video told viewers that 9 out of 10 women experience period cramps, that the pain varies from person to person and even cycle to cycle, and that in very extreme cases, a person can pass out from the pain.

"I once read somewhere that in American Sign Language, the sign for having your period is basically punching yourself in the face… I was today years old when I found out what this joke meant," the user who posted the video on Instagram wrote.

"I will never be the same again," commented another user.

"I am so happy," taunted a woman user in a broad dig at typical male insensitivity on the subject. The pain is all psychological, okay?"

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