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Today's Worldle: Time to test geography's knowledge! Here are clues, answer for Worldle #197 for August 6

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The global success of a similar-sounding word game has spawned many popular spinoffs, none of which are quite as distinct as Worldle. This geographical spinoff eliminates the need to fiddle with letters and instead focuses on countries.

Are you struggling with today's Worldle? Well, don't fret as we have the solution up our sleeves and are here to share it with you! If you are new to the Worldle arena, here is a brief rundown.

The game's default mode shows the country's outline and gives you six guesses to solve the answer.

When you make an incorrect guess, you will be informed of the distance between your guess and the correct answer and the direction in which you should look. If you desire a greater challenge, attempt the one of two additional modes, both of which can be accessed in the game's settings and affect the following puzzle.

The initial option is to completely omit the country's image, leaving you to guess at random. Your guesses will still indicate how far away you are from the actual country and in which direction you must go to obtain the answer, enabling you to make subsequent guesses more accurately.

The other option turns the country's image so that it may seem upside down or sideways on the map, but you won't know which way it is, causing confusion and making it more difficult to identify the country.

To start acing the game, it is preferable to begin with countries located in the middle of the world so that you can establish a foundation from which to guess additional territories. For these regions, Ghana, which is roughly placed in the centre of the globe, is an ideal starting point.

If you have read till here and need a little more assistance, then scroll down.

Here are the clues for the Worldle for today (August 6).
Clue 1: It is an Asian country.
Clue 2: There are five letters in the name of the country.
Clue 3: It is renowned for its natural attractions, including cherry blossoms and Mount Fuji.
Clue 4: The initial letter if this nation's name is J.

The answer is Japan!

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