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Anurag Shrivastava, the founder of Didi, enlisted on PM's policy recommendation team for his work towards women empowerment

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DIDI is a multi-language APP and women-only POS (Point of Sale) for Insurance and financial products. It will be launched in 732 districts and 26000 unique locations of India. Being a Geo-Tagged Tech, it is available in the local language in each of the states. DIDI India envisions creating a scalable, profitable and impactful business that will provide insurance and other financial services in entire India and employment for 2.6 lakhs women in phase one. This will not only empower women but will also empower the Economy as per the IMF report and also this grass route pyramid distribution will help the government to roll out various programmes related to farmers, women, and children.

The team at DIDI educates and trains females in their local languages and allows them to participate in this fastest-growing sector with the help of licensing, technology and marketing support. Anurag Shrivastava, Founder of DIDI believes that women empowerment is the key to a better and brighter India. He says, “The strong network of women that Didi intends to create shall not only empower the women across India but also create a strong infrastructure for the government to reach directly to the beneficiary and run other programs and policies, such as the one for farmer welfare where he is also on the policy recomendation panel. Anurag Shrivastava is also the co-founder of Risk Free Life Insurance Broking Pvt. Ltd. that makes insurance buying easy for consumers.

According to an IMF (India Monetary Fund) report, "India will become 26% richer if labour participation of women in India equals that of men.” The survey done by DIDI showed that the priority of women is her children and her household and she is not comfortable leaving those responsibilities to go out and work. Financial services are required by everyone and is the fastest-growing sector with clear viability of double-digit growth for the next 25 - 30 years. Thus, DIDI came forward and supported women to sell financial services. The team selected 26000 different locations across India based on the population, average income, and other parameters and plans to empower 10 Didis in each of these locations to sell financial services in the first phase of the project. Anurag says, “We empower our Didis with the technology-driven recommendation engine by Refreshmint that delivers hyper-personalised financial product recommendations to a customer based on his needs and affordability, by just entering some required inputs.”

As the country is set for a nationwide celebration of ‘Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav’ to commemorate 75 years of India’s Independence. Anurag says "Like Rani Lakshmi Bai and many other great women warriors played a vital role in India's journey of Independence, in present times the women of India too have the power to further strengthen the Indian Economy.” With a vision to empower women in attaining financial independence, DIDI has embarked on its journey. Visit to know more.

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