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Can launch smartphones in India despite problems with US: Honor

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The Economic Times
14th August, 2019 11:07 IST

New Delhi: Honor, Chinese technology company Huawei’s smart devices brand, said it can launch new smartphones in India and across the world despite being in the entity list of companies barred from receiving US hardware and software components without permission from the Donald Trump-led government.

“We have the resources, capability and a strategy to continue launching Honor-branded smartphones in India,” Honor India president Peng Chao told ET.

The company’s short-term target for India, he said, is providing decent products with strong after-sales service to achieve 10% volume market share in India in 2020.

Honor had a 2.3% volume market share in the April-June quarter this year, according to Counterpoint.

Chao said Honor’s smartphone business is being supported by the US technology firm Google and other key component suppliers, not just in India but globally. Nonetheless, he said, “US companies are tech leaders globally, but for software we want to work with Indian companies as India has our biggest R&D centre.”

He said Honor handsets are being manufactured by the US-based Flex in Chennai and there has been a halt in production.

Huawei recently launched its own operating system, HarmonyOS, as an alternative to Google’s Android, which can support connected devices. “We want to continue with Google but we have a backup OS for handsets,” said Chao. Huawei, through the Honor brand will continue to invest in India. Honor will launch its Smart Screen TV in India later this year.

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