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Actor Ezra Miller's controversies fail to deter Warner Brothers, 'The Flash' races forward with June 2023 release

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Controversies have been surrounding actor Ezra Miller. There are many allegations of abuse against him. Other legal troubles also surround Miller. Despite the controversies, The Flash will release as planned. A reputed news outlet reports that the release date will be June 23, 2023. David Zaslav, the Warner Brothers CEO, spoke to reporters and investors and mentioned the upcoming movies that are based on characters from DC Comics. The films he talked about included "Black Adam," "Shazam" sequel and The Flash. Miller will play the role of Barry Allen.

Zaslav said that he is very excited about the upcoming projects, and he suggested that makers would tweak all three movies before they are launched in theatres. He said that they had seen the movies and they looked fantastic. However, there is scope for improvement, according to Zaslav.

A report came out in June regarding a mother in Massachusetts, who was awarded a protection order temporarily against Miller for her 12-year-old child.

The court order stated that the notice was issued because of the immediate danger that could be there on the child, as there is the likelihood of it.

Miller identifies himself as gender nonbinary, and they/them pronouns are often in his dictionary to describe himself. Parents of a nonbinary child, 12, and an adult (also nonbinary) have alleged Miller of intimidation, abuse and grooming. Miller needs to appear before the court in two different states.

Miller was arrested twice in Hawaii this year on charges of second-degree assault and disorderly conduct.

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